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In this modern era, to sustain products in the market needs to use advanced manufacturing processes, modern machinery and cost effective processes for produce quality products with low cost. but as you all know that, it's difficult to constant manufacturing processes and sustain product quality. Because it is natural that, during the working time unexpected problems can be occurred and that kind of problems must be resolved in respective manner. Some organizations are used outmoded technique that solve the issues on temporary basis, as well those problems can be possible reoccur in processes in future. so, needs to efficient system that eliminate the possibility of reoccur issues as well as smooth the manufacturing processes. Fortunately, we have some problem solving tools can solve the issue permanently. 8D (Eight disciplines) is one of the popular problem solving tool that in now days, organizations are adopting pleasurably. OK, so let's see how to implement 8D in organization.

What is 8D (Eight Disciplines)?

"8D (Eight Disciplines) is problem solving tool / methodology used for correctly identified the cause of the problem, fixed and dissipate possibility of recurrence of quality problems."

8D model is systematic approach popularly used in responding to manufacturing issues. Generally, quality team conduct eight disciplines processes for identify root causes of problem and eliminate it by appropriate actions. The 8D (Eight Discipline) model is correctly identified the cause of the problem, and applied such actions to prevent recurrence of the problem. 8D is perform as preventive and corrective action system by implement step by step process to identify potential and actual problems in processes.

Benefits of 8D (Eight Disciplines)

8D (Eight Disciplines) Process Chart: Table

What Results (Process Indicators) Inputs By Whom How Outputs
To identify and eliminate problems. And to Prevent reoccurring problems. Notification of non-conformity products / process and products return from customer. CFT (Cross functional team) responsible for performing 8D process. The process carried out using qualitative analysis in the form of a case study of the 8D method. (Integrated supplementary tools) Corrective actions and preventive actions on identified causes of problems. Assurance of not being recurrence of such problems.

8D (Eight Disciplines) Methodology

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The 8D (eight Disciplines) is a process for systematic introduction of quality perfection, improvement and elimination of problems. Here in this article I will show you step by step approach and using several examples of the problem solving tools. When we involve in 8D methodology and its processes using a structured method, we become very effective at identifying cause of problems, defining problems and mistakes, as well as easily establish root causes and taking actions that solve and prevent problem identified in processes. So, let's see 8D (Eight Disciplines) in deep:

The 8D report

From beginning to end of all 8D (Eight Disciplines) processes, the single document called 8D report is essential part once completed, team assume that all things are done and fixed as appropriate actions for appropriate issues. This report serves as a communication tool displaying overall process of the 8D (Eight Disciplines) processes along with actions taken. So, let's see example format of 8D report:

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When the problem has been resolved, the cross functional team should release a final document with stage wise brief description about its experiences. The 8D report give quick and better explanation of how the whole process had handled by team and also 8D serves report as a communication tool displaying overall progress of process.

We can assume that, the successful corrective actions have eliminated repetition of problems and prevention of similar issues. Further, team must ensure that corrective actions will be assessed on their ability to help avoiding future problems. If we do not distinguish between major and minor problems, any issue will hold the delivery of customer and that is the reason we must have to categorize by identify systematic issues to eliminate appropriate problems.

First Published On Date: Monday, August 14, 2017 10:30 AM

Author: ARUN RAVAL | Business & Systems Analyst