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What is SIPOC?

SIPOC is process improvement tool used by process mapping for identify information of key elements in a table form.

The SIPOC combined word comes from first letter of contents chain, which an abbreviation of:
Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, Customers.

The SIPOC often used to clarify and identify possible positive opportunities to eliminate non value-added outputs from processes, and helps to choose core manufacturing processes to redesign by understand SIPOC model diagram to access acceptable outcomes and according to customer expectations. The purpose of the SIPOC diagram is to manage document and define basic elemental information about suppliers, inputs requirements, major process stages and sub processes, outputs requirements, customers and for identification of very critical to quality elements for manufacturing process.

A SIPOC is a high level process mapping tool that defines relationship between key elements of processes to better understand alignment of core manufacturing process stages. However, you can also be used to map processes which describe detailed level of information of each relevant micro-processes and sub-processes. Simply, you can represent the use of SIPOC diagram for process mapping as your desire level of details, see image as below:

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Keep in mind, whenever you are going to establish process improvement activity or manufacturing process management, you have to well understand the scope of manufacturing processes, hence the SIPOC diagram must help you to manage each process associated with manufacturing activities can map at single platform. And provides structured way to determine the process requirements, outcomes and structure of process can possible to describe, before draw process improvement and management.

When to use SIPOC

To ensure everyone related to manufacturing processes and improvement team understands the manufacturing core processes. This tool helps to define map that focus on structural process of each relevant to manufacturing process, The SIPOC Diagram used on events such as: Through SIPOC diagram, you can identify critical outcomes of the manufacturing processes by reverse the diagram structure i.e. COPIS, which is start from customer hence you will able to identify significant requirements and results of the manufacturing outputs. And you will enable to improve the design and process management at exact time.

How to use SIPOC

Establishment of Framework is important stage and its initial requirements, which is display of cross functional activities and describe your level of information, hence you have to go through the process step by step. Creating a SIPOC map, you have to clearly describe the purpose of the SIPOC diagram, and the map must be display existing situation, where all the input for each category must be described as provided by team. In the SIPOC, all the categories must be properly defined and identified such as suppliers, functions elements that is inputs, primary outputs of the process, and receiver of outputs that is customers. And most important is the SIPOC diagram must be verified by stakeholders. So, let's see the process elements of SIPOC diagram:

The SIPOC diagram is a simpler model that represents the most basic structure for describing a manufacturing processes and often used for analyze internal system, and you have to use this model for design and process improvement. In most industry, A SIPOC can be widely used for new products as well as improvement of existing products, when management feel to preparation of high level process steps, mostly multiple products are outputted by the same manufacturing processes.

SIPOC Process Analysis

A SIPOC diagram enable to understand the sequences of process, process analysis and assist for process improvement. Initially, you have to identify the responsible single contact point which is owner of process and handling the end to end process. Define the boundaries of processes, where clearly identify start and end points of the process. Further, you have to refine your processes into three major categories and index accordingly upon the process model, see picture below described the model:

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Through SIPOC Diagram, you can analyze the chain to identify specific areas where customer requirements are not clear, or technical incomplete information had received, outputs from the processes having non value-added elements can identify, some processes which are not properly or effectively functioning, and even supplier performance is not satisfactory. Before the selection of the process for improvement, you have to consider some criteria to ensure situation or efforts that helps to on right direction such as identification of the gap of competitors and customers' perception, improvement how much and what influence concern areas, and feasibility, required capabilities and possibility of development must have identified.

SIPOC Diagram Review

It is vast important after the drafting of the SIPOC diagram, you must review the completed SIPOC, there are verify all key components, key factors and complete categories verification must be conducted. Review SIPOC diagram, and its action plan for determine the SIPOC diagram for improvement of process. The detailed SIPOC diagram review, you have target some trigger points which helps to understand the sequences of processes, the key review points are as below: These above points are common for review the SIPOC diagram, you can add the points as and when required to related your processes. The review is best steps for the analyze the whole SIPOC diagram and improve a process.

SIPOC Diagram Template

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A simple SIPOC diagram template is helpful for identifying suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers, where a high level process map display the major steps of the process. This tool helps to translating customer requirements into input & output requirements as well as identifying related key process where inputs and outputs variable.

For the successfully implementation of the SIPOC process, you have to understand and conduct key requirements such as, clearly identify start and end point of process, ensure all assumptions are visible, validated, discussed and documented, and you have to document source of the whole process like specification, standard operating procedures and reference documents for your process.

First Published On Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017 10:30 AM

Author: ARUN RAVAL | Business & Systems Analyst